Global Alliance

When the world learns the historical truth of the Asia-Pacific War, a formidable popular consensus will compel the Government of Japan to honor its postwar responsibilities.

Our goals based on our mission

That Japan shall forthrightly and unequivocally apologize for war crimes and atrocities, and make just and fair compensation to its war victims; and that Japan shall rectify its distortion, denials, and whitewashing of its war history.

Our minimal requirements are Diet-enacted legislation, signed into law, that the Government of Japan:
  • Offer an official and unequivocal apology acknowledging the commission of atrocities in China, Korea and other Asian countries and Pacific states during the Asia-Pacific War
  • Authorize full disclosure and preservation of documents relating to this dark chapter of history
  • Mandate teaching at all school levels the lessons of humanity learned from Japanís wars of aggression and its related war crimes in the first half of the 20th century
  • Provide just and due compensation to all identified surviving victims and surviving family members of the deceased victims and victims whose properties were looted or destroyed
  • Amend statutory limits under Japanese laws to make them non-applicable to war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Japanese Imperial Forces during the Asia-Pacific War, and allow victims to seek due redress in the courts of Japan
  • Provide funds for the establishment and operation of a memorial museum in Tokyo dedicated to commemoration and remembrance of war victims of the Asia-Pacific War
  • Preserve documents declassified through these actions to support research and publication of information pertaining to all facets of the Asia-Pacific War
  • Undertake educational outreach with lessons learned from Japan's war crimes and related issues of this period to bring closure to the Asia-Pacific War and prevent future wars of aggression
  • Outlaw public denial of war crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Forces, prosecute living Japanese war criminals that have escaped international war crime trials after the end of the Asia-Pacific War
  • Remove relics of all war criminals from the Yasukuni Shrine and prohibit honoring and worshipping of war criminals in any religious establishment of national significance
  • Establish a national day of remembrance for victims of the Asia-Pacific War
  • Return all national treasures looted by the Japanese Imperial Forces, including cultural and historical relics
  • Honor the "military monetary certificates" issued by the Japanese occupational authorities for which people of victimized countries were forced to exchange their national currencies with due interest payment and adjustment for inflation

Only when Japan sincerely acknowledges and works toward discharging its postwar responsibilities will Japan become once again a responsible and respectable member of the international community.

Our ultimate objective

To bring enduring peace and harmony among all Western Pacific nations, to find closure and reconciliation for painful memories, and finally to end the Asia-Pacific War.

For Justice and Peace