Global Alliance

Global Alliance 2012 Biennial Conference

GA, in conjunction with our affiliate, APWAM, presents a two and one half day conference:

US-Asia Issues In Education

An international conference for teachers, students, and researchers on exploring issues of US history and relations with all nations of the Pacific. The unresolved war crimes and atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces on mainland Asia and on island nations of the Pacific during the war stand in the way of justice and human rights for the victims.

Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning, September 14, 15, 16

Double Tree Hotel and Conference Center

8120 Wisconsin Avenue

Bethesda Maryland 20814

Preliminary program includes plenary sessions and breakout discussion groups, Saturday evening banquet, and documentary films

Speakers and presenters:

James Bradley, author, A simple message for education

Prof. Chris Simpson, US Archives studies and analysis

Prof. Ok Cha Soh, Comfort Women report and status

Randy Edwards, WW II POW survivor

Robert Rosenthal, WW II POW survivor

Stephanie Rizas, Teacher, Curricula development for Pacific War Study in Maryland

Patrick McElhaney, Teacher, Changing educational policy in California

CJ Park, Korean American Civic Empowerment, Latest on monuments, billboards, news advertisements

Warren Hegg, "Spirit of '45" Flying Tigers in History



Every day is a holiday

Nanjing, Nanjing

Torn Memories of Nanjing

All Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning sessions open to all. Sunday GA business session open to members of all GA affiliate organizations

Friday: Registration, informal talk, photo exhibit, light dinner, kickoff meeting, speaker, film

Saturday: Morning sessions on teaching WW II history, lunch or movie, afternoon sessions on educational and research issues, (including eye witness accounts), Affiliate reports, evening banquet.

Sunday: GA workshops on Diaoyu Tai, Sex Slaves, 2020 Olympics, Memorial installations, and program.

Monday: Planned public demonstration for justice and peace.

For Justice and Peace